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When installed professionally, seamless gutters direct water away from your house and reduce the chance of water leaking around your foundation.

Soffit & Fascia

When you wrap your home with prefinished metal soffits and fascia, you’ll never have to scrape, prime or paint those roof edges again.

Gutter Guards

If you are looking for a product that you can have installed on your gutters that will make the chore of cleaning gutters a thing of the past, we can help.

Ice Dam Removal

A professional roof steaming system is hands down the best way to remove your ice dams before they damage your home, or before they do any more damage.

Roof Snow Removal

Removing heavy snow drifts from your roof will help you avoid roof damage, help prevent ice dams from forming, and may even prevent your roof from collapsing.

Seamless Gutters for Your Home

Installing leak-proof and clog-free gutters is the most affordable, common sense way for Minneapolis homeowners to prevent the destructive power of water from damaging their homes. Foundations, siding, decks, patios, and even concrete will eventually give way to erosion. This is why the runoff water from your roof needs to be properly directed away from your home’s foundation.

Should homeowners in Minneapolis be concerned about unmanaged water runoff and erosion? Yes, without gutters the rain runs off your roof and falls right next to your foundation. Water constantly draining into the soil by your foundation can create major problems for Minneapolis homeowners, because the water will eventually channel down through the surface and can leak through your foundation wall into your home.

Is uncontrolled water erosion something for Minneapolis area homeowners to be concerned with? It’s the force that ultimately created the Grand Canyon! What more do we need to say?

So what’s the best permanent solution to prevent water damage to the foundation, sidewalk, landscaping, and basement of your Minneapolis home? Have Mid-State Seamless Gutters install gutters on your home that are fabricated on-site, to be seamless and fit your home perfectly, plus they are warranted to be leak-proof for a lifetime.

All of our installers are employees of Mid-State Seamless Gutters who are fully insured, properly trained and well supervised. We don’t use sub-contracted laborers to do our work!

Mid-State Seamless Gutters also installs Copper Gutters and Galvanized Steel Gutters for homeowners who are looking for a unique style that will add a classic look to the exterior of their home.

GutterDome, Valor Gutter Guards and Leaf Shelter for Minneapolis

If you want the ultimate in protection have Mid-State Seamless Gutters top off your seamless gutters with GutterDome, Valor Gutter Guard or Leaf Shelter gutter covers to keep out leaves and debris, so your gutters will never clog.

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