Copper Gutters add an Elite Vintage Character to Elegant Upscale Homes

There is only one reason people choose to install copper gutters… nothing adds character and an elegant look of class to your home like the rich, living finish of copper gutters.

copper_gutter_K_styleInstalling copper gutters to your home is a great way to transform the look and feel of your home, add instant curb appeal and improve your home’s resale value. Copper gutters provide extreme durability and have been used on homes for decades, because the material can last for well over 50 years when they are maintained regularly. Homeowners and contractors select copper gutters for upscale homes because they add a unique touch of style and require very little maintenance.

Copper gutters are becoming increasingly popular in Minnesota, as a way to set your home apart from your neighbors. Over years of use, copper gutters have proven their durability to withstand our extreme Minnesota weather and hold up well.

Copper gutters do not corrode like gutters made from other materials. Copper is strong and will not buckle or break under the pressure of heavy snow or ice. In Minnesota, this is extremely important as the constant freezing, thawing and refreezing cycles of ice in the gutters is a regular occurrence, throughout each winter.

half-round-copper-guttersMaintenance for copper gutters is minimal. Because of falling leaves each autumn, debris that can build up in your gutters, you need to check them occasionally to ensure they do not get clogged. But that is the most you have to do for maintenance for your copper gutters. Gutter covers are also available for copper gutters, to prevent leaves and debris from building up inside the gutters and clogging them. This reduces the need to remove leaves and debris from inside the gutters, so your copper gutters will be virtually maintenance-free.

Designers Can Select Half-Round Copper Gutters for a Vintage Era Style

Half-round copper gutters have a rounded bottom that will give your home the charm and appeal of a simpler bygone era, back when gutters provided a stylish accent, rather than just a practical addition.

Half-round copper gutters also work more efficiently than most other guttering systems. Their rounded bottom helps keep the water flowing quickly and freely. As a result, professionals who install your half-round copper gutters can have more flexibility with the pitch, since they know the water will flow freely at many different levels of pitch.

Galvanized Steel Gutters in Half Round and K Styles for All Buildings

steel-guttersGalvanized steel gutters offer solutions for a wide variety of buildings, large or small, classic or contemporary, residential or commercial. Hot-dip galvanized steel gutters have been effectively used to control water runoff on homes and buildings, since back in the days of the American Civil War. The value of hot-dip galvanizing stems from the relative corrosion resistance of zinc, which under most service conditions, is considerably better than iron and steel.

For homes with steel metal roofs, galvanized gutters are the best choice to minimize galvanic corrosion over other metals. Galvanized gutters will typically have a shelf life of 15-30 years. Galvanized steel is an excellent solution for MN winters with heavy snow and ice conditions. They are available in 10′ and 20′ lengths in both K Style and Half Round profiles.

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