Roof Snow Removal helps you Avoid Roof Damage, Ice Dams and Water Leaks

snow-removalMid-State Seamless Gutters, LLC recommend early and continued snow removal roof maintenance, along with proper ventilation and insulation, to minimize the damage to your roof and gutter system, as well as prevent ice dams. Too much snow on a roof is not a good thing; it can permanently damage the integrity of your roof and its ability to properly shed water. This in turn will lead to faster than normal roof deterioration because ice dams will form. Too much snow accumulation is the main reason that ice dams form.

Heavy snow accumulations on home and garage roofs add up to a surprising amount of weight. That stresses the structure of your home. Deep accumulations of snow, followed by partial melting and then even more snow, produces deep layers of heavy snow and ice on your roof. To make matters worse, melting snow on rooftops, caused by poor attic ventilation and insulation, frequently cause ice dams which can allow water to leak into your home.

Mid-State Seamless Gutters, LLC can help remove the snow from the roof of your home or business after a heavy snowfall, or when the snow has built up to over a foot deep on your roof. Removing heavy snow drifts from your roof will help you avoid roof damage, help prevent ice dams from forming, and may even prevent your roof from collapsing in some circumstances. Homes and commercial buildings with flat or low pitched roofs are always at a far greater risk of suffering damage from heavy snow loads and should have an ongoing maintenance plan for roof snow removal.

It is far better to use common sense and have the snow removed from your roof before an ice dam forms. However, don’t let just anyone perform this work, or it may cost you more money than it saves: if they damage your roof, create leaks, or fall. Roofs in the winter time are fragile; they need to be treated carefully. Mid-State Seamless Gutters, LLC uses special shovels that will not damage your shingles or gutters, we will safely shovel snow from your roof to prevent ice dams from forming.

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