Maintenance Free Metal Fascia & Soffit with Ventilation for your Attic

soffit-attic_ventilationTo start with, let’s clarify what a “Soffit” is. It is the exposed surface underneath the eaves on your home, which project beyond the sides of your home, forming an overhang to help protect your home from the elements.

An important function of the soffit is to assist in ventilating the attic. The soffit typically features a surface with vent holes to provide air circulation to the attic. The air from the soffit cycles up through the attic, to the vents on your roof top, drawing heat and moisture out of your home. This is a crucial function of the soffits, because excess heat and moisture in your attic can develop rot in the roof sheathing and cause ice dams in winter.

New and updated homes have maintenance-free, prefinished metal soffits that provide a clean, finished look to the underside of the eaves. If you don’t have them on your house, we can add them; so your house will “breathe” better, look better, and you’ll never have the tedious chore of scraping the loose paint from your soffits and repainting them.

fascia-maintenance-freeOkay, now to explain what “Fascia” is. Fascia is the vertical finished edge of the roof that is connected to the ends of the rafters; it’s where the gutters attach to your roof. That’s why it makes sense to add a steel band of protection around your roof with Steel-Kore fascia; it guards against weather damage and has a baked-on coating that is guaranteed for 50 years of chip-free performance.

Aside from its functional role, the maintenance-free fascia adds beauty to your home’s exterior, projecting a smoother, more even appearance of the roofline. In addition to protecting the wooden fascia board, Steel-Kore fascia protects the entire roof and the interior of the house by keeping water from penetrating your home’s exterior.

replacing-soffitWhen you wrap your home with prefinished metal soffits and fascia, you’ll never have to scrape, prime or paint those roof edges again. New aluminum soffits (under the eaves) and steel fascia (the vertical trim) will last for decades with no maintenance. Our EDCO fascia and soffit are backed by an unbeatable 50-year, fully transferable warranty that guarantees they will not crack, chip or peel.

Edco’s soffit and fascia form a complete protection and beautification system which exceeds all building code requirements, saves energy and coordinates impeccably with all colors of gutters, siding and roofing. The Aluma–Kore® soffit and Steel–Kore® roof fascia systems are available with a full range of enamel–coated, PVC–coated and ENTEX®–coated color finishes. Colors are protected with a unique, eight–stage, baked–on coating process for years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

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